four hands of varying skin tones
four hands of varying skin tones

I recently participated in a conversation about creating inclusive curriculum which was unfortunately deleted so I decided to reconstruct it. I’m re-sharing that feedback here so it can be a resource for people who are interested in inclusive content and curriculum creation because I think it’s important:

If a student comes to you with feedback that criteria imposed constitutes a barrier, take a moment to assess why the constraint is being imposed

Consider if the barrier needs to be there for anyone or if you want to make an individual exception. …

So many business owners who are reluctant to talk about important social issues ask “how do I do this without looking like a bandwagon jumper?” Nobody wants to look like a jerk who is just following the crowd and doesn’t really care. Here’s what you need:

✅ Clarity. Why does it matter to you? What do you care about? How do people know?

You could buy a template and copy and paste it or link to something that somebody else wrote, but if you can actually explain the things that you say you care about, that goes so much further.

A new generation of menstrual products cuts down on plastic waste.

Menstrual cups and reusable pads are among the options available to people who menstruate and want to stop generating plastic waste from tampons, applicators, and disposable pads. (Photo Sarah Pflug via Burst)

Monthly menstruation cycles are unfortunately also typically cycles of waste. On average, a person who menstruates throws away 200 kgs of tampons, pads, and applicators in their lifetime. In addition to accumulating in landfills, plastic from tampons and pads that isn’t properly disposed of ends up in the environment, where it can take centuries to biodegrade, and harm animals that consume it.

According to a study by the Global Sustainability Institute, non-organic pads, which contain plastic, can take 500 to 800 years to degrade. …

Our health-care systems discriminate against Indigenous women. It’s time for that to end.

Photo: Rawpixel

I’m someone who bends too much, but never breaks. That’s not an inspirational statement about my tenacity — it’s strictly a medical distinction.

I have joint hypermobility syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects my joints and connective tissue. This condition has led to an above-average amount of contact with the health-care system throughout my life. I also spent five years battling anorexia and bulimia — physical manifestations of my desire to disappear — which led to hospitalizations, and more contact with the medical community.

Studies confirm what I know from my friends: Indigenous women are not well served by the…

Photo Credit: Alison Tedford (because I don’t steal other people’s art)

“You took the words right out of my mouth” is normally a pleasantry between people so familiar that they finish each other’s sentences effortlessly. That familiarity can be comforting and means that all the times you spoke before, you were heard. In the writing world, there is a darker side, and we call it plagiarism.

I’ve seen my work appear on other websites, uncredited. These were my thoughts, claimed and used for page views by someone who did not take the time to compose them. They did not agonize…

Not all that glitters is gold. My stretchmarks glitter, silvery, in the evening light, and I reflect on them and how my relationship with my body has changed over time.

Once upon a time, I found myself 25 years old and a single mother, out of nowhere. I sat back and reassessed my chances at ever finding love again. I had a sixteen month old boy and I was breastfeeding. My body was a far cry from its condition when I met my son's father, so many years before. …

Photo Credit Jeremy Atkinson

Eva Mendes warned us all about the matrimonial threat posed by sweatpants. I was trapped in the Toronto airport this weekend and their merchandisers seem hell bent on making it divorce proof. I couldn’t find sweatpants anywhere, and I really needed a pair. Lots of people think she’s wrong, but these are some ways sweat pants can legitimately ruin even the most stable union:

1) You take off other people’s sweatpants and that’s not something that’s okay in your marriage.
2) You spend all household income on sweatpants and there’s nothing left for rent or food. Guido…

We call it “Tinder Twenty Questions” but it often turns into “Go Fish!”

It’s a brief interview process designed to determine preliminary interest beyond the superficial “You’re cute!” of a right swipe. Deal breakers, preferences, and scheduling are discussed. Boundaries are negotiated and common ground identified. Compatibility is explored. One of the most important questions that comes up is “What are you looking for?”

The question is asked in many different ways — like “Are you looking for fun or for something serious?” I usually answer, “Why can’t it be both? Shouldn’t it be fun regardless?” The people who just…

I coach a lot about self-compassion. When someone comes to me with icky feelings about a personal failing, I say, “What would you say to a friend who failed? Would you call them names? Or would you encourage them to be kind, help them problem solve how to do better next time and urge them to keep on trying? Be your own friend.” I rock at coaching self-compassion. I suck at exercising self-compassion. I’m getting better and I owe it in part to a conversation with my son.

Once upon a time I used to make everything from scratch. There’s…

“Hello” was hard to say. Always the new girl, we moved more than most people who aren’t fugitives. I was awkward, hiding behind glasses and books. I was shy. It was hard to make friends. Becoming a mom, I thought my biggest challenge would be teaching my son to meet people and say “hello”. I was wrong.

It turns out the hardest part is explaining goodbye.

His dad and I separated when he was young. He doesn’t remember any other life. We are friends now and an efficient team. He speculated we broke up fighting over pancakes. I have no…

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